Interior Carpet Cleaning

Explore the nuances of carpet cleaning in the world of car detailing, techniques, equipment, and strategies for achieving a pristine vehicle interior

How We Clean Carpets

Deep Interior Detail on this Honda Civic

We begin the carpet cleaning process by using specialized carpet shampoos and enzyme cleaners that are designed to deep clean and remove dirt and stains from your car’s carpets. We agitate the surface using special equipment making sure the carpets are thoroughly cleaned. From pet hair to juice spills, we have the equipment and skills to restore your carpets look. We use enzyme cleaners that break up stubborn stains and get rid of them effectively.

Step 1:Prepping the Carpet

Before doing anything carpets should be prepped for cleaning, especially if they are very dirty. This preperation makes the actual cleaning process alot easier. You should brush your carpets with a stiff bristle brush, removing the bigger, more noticeable debris laying on top of the surface. This helps rid the carpet of lots of dust and debris. You will want to spray the overall carpet with an enzyme cleaner to loosen up the dirt that is sitting in the carpet. Spots that are significantly dirty should recieve more enzyme cleaner.

Step 2:Carpet Shampoo & Wash

Interior Detail on this Black Honda Civic

Once the carpet has been prepared the next step is to shampoo and wash it. You will need pressure washer or hose along with any carpet shampoo and tool of agitation(preferably a drill brush). Now that the enzyme cleaner from earlier has been sitting on the carpets for a bit you will come in with your pressure washer and spray the carpet down. Making Sure not to completely soak the carpet, just introducing a fair amount of water.


After rinsing the carpet you will come in with the carpet shampoo of your choice. Spray this all across the carpet making sure the entire carpet has been covered. This is essential to get deep into the carpet fibers leaving them washed and smelling fresh. Note that if there is any sticky substance on the carpet you will want to use a steam cleaner after spraying it with enzyme cleaner. Now the carpet should be ready for the agitation.

Step 3:Drill Brush Agitation

Interior Carpet Cleaning

A drill brush is a highly effective tool used in carpet detailing. It consists of a brush head attached to a drill, creating a powerful combination for deep cleaning carpets. The bristles of the brush are designed to agitate and loosen dirt, grime, and embedded debris from the carpet fibers. When attached to a drill, the brush rapidly rotates, providing increased scrubbing power and efficiency. This dynamic action, combined with the right cleaning solution, allows the drill brush to effectively lift and extract tough stains, revive flattened fibers, and restore the carpet’s original appearance. After spraying the shampoo you will want to agitate the carpet in cross sectional motions. The drill brush’s mechanical scrubbing action saves time and effort compared to manual scrubbing, making it an indispensable tool in achieving thorough and professional-grade carpet detailing results.

Step 4: Carpet Extracting and Drying

After agitating the shampoo it is time to extract the carpets. This is arguably the most important step when it comes to carpet cleaning. An extractor is like a vacuum, however it sprays water beforehand and sucks it back up. This  ability allows it to suck up and absorb a lot of liquid. When extracting the carpets you will want to go in cross directional motions, making sure to pass over the carpet fibers from more than just one direction. While doing so you will see the liquid and dirt from the carpets get sucked up and the new refreshed carpet emerge. If you want to learn more about carpet extracting and how it works check out our other blog post on extracting.

What is Carpet Shampoo?

Carpet Shampoo Interior

Carpet shampoo, a crucial component of our detailing business, is specifically formulated to effectively clean and refresh the carpets in vehicles. Over time, carpets can accumulate dirt, stains, odors, and other contaminants that regular vacuuming alone cannot fully eliminate. Carpet shampoo contains powerful cleaning agents that penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, breaking down and lifting away stubborn stains and grime. Additionally, it helps neutralize unpleasant odors, leaving the carpets smelling fresh and revitalized.

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What Is An Enzyme Cleaner

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An enzyme cleaner is a specialized cleaning product designed to target and break down tough organic stains and residues on various surfaces of a vehicle. Unlike traditional chemical cleaners, enzyme cleaners utilize natural enzymes to catalyze the decomposition of organic matter, such as grease, oil, food spills, and even pet stains. These powerful enzymes work on a molecular level, effectively breaking down the complex molecules of the stains into simpler, more manageable components. Enzyme cleaners are particularly effective in dealing with stubborn stains and odors, as they can reach deep into the pores and fibers of upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting clean. 

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

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Regular carpet cleaning enhances the overall appearance of your car’s interior, elevating its visual appeal and creating a more pleasant driving environment. The more you use your car the more likely it is to get dirty. Carpets are continuously stepped on and one of the most prone parts of a vehicle to get dirty. Shampooing your carpets eliminates unpleasant odors trapped in the carpets, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh. Promptly addressing stains and maintaining clean carpets not only prevents permanent damage but also extends their lifespan, preserving the value and appearance of your vehicle for the long term.