Maintain Your Cars Value With Our Maintenance Details

 Our maintenance plans are designed to provide you with consistent car care to keep your vehicle looking its best year round. Please note that this is meant for cars we have already detailed in the past 30 days. If we have not detailed your vehicle in the past month you must book a detail before you can sign up for a maintenance plan.  

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Why Choose A Maintenance Detail Plan?

With our maintenance plans, you can say goodbye to the stress of going to get your car detailed. We come to you every month, making sure your vehicle looks its shiny best. We’ll ensure your car receives professional care on a consistent basis. You get to select a date that works best for your schedule.

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Value of Maintenance Details

By enrolling in our maintenance plans, you not only ensure your car’s longevity but also enjoy significant cost savings. Our plans are structured to provide exceptional value for money, offering premium services at discounted rates compared to individual appointments.

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Tailored To Your Vehicles Needs

We understand that each vehicle has unique requirements.That’s why our maintenance plans can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a focus on your seats, trunk, or a combination of services, we have the flexibility to create a plan that suits your vehicle.

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Why would I sign up for a maintenance plan?

Maintenance plans keep your vehicle consistently clean throughout the year. They are at a discounted rate meaning that you pay less for each detail compared to booking one every month. You pick your date and time and never have to worry about your vehicle getting too dirty.

What if I want more than one car on a maintenance plan?

If you have more than one vehicle you would like on a maintenance plan, you can fill out 2 separate forms if you want them done on different days. If you want them done on the same day then you can just fill out one form and leave a note. Contact us with any questions.

Where will my car be detailed?

We come to you! We understand that convenience is key. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. We will travel to your location and clean your vehicle on-site. 

How long will it take?

The amount of time that service will take will depend on the condition of your vehicle and the services you buy from us. Maintenance details usually take less time than regular details.

How do I pay?

We currently accept card and cash. We will give you an exact price before we start cleaning your vehicle. Payment will be handled after your car has been cleaned and you are satisfied with the results.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment on our booking. You can fill out a booking form or call 301-526-3250 and restore your car to what it once was.

Are all of your services on your service page?

While we offer a wide range of services, not all of them are listed on our service page. Our service page showcases some of our most significant and major services.