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Get A Free Wax When You Book A Full Detail

Carnauba paste wax can last month on your car if maintained properly. Get that finishing touch 

Book a Full Detail service online and score a FREE Hand Wax! Simply add the Hand Waxing service as an add-on during your online booking process, and then enter the code PUREWAX at checkout. Don’t miss this chance to pamper your car. Book your Full Detail online today!

Terms and conditions apply.

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Get 30$ Gift Card When You Refer A Friend

When you refer a friend and they book a detail with us, you both get 30$ gift cards that can be used for any of our main services!

When you refer a friend to book an appointment with us, both you and your friend will receive a $30 digital or physical gift card. This gift card will be emailed, texted, or given to you in person depending on the circumstance. This will only be given to both parties once the person you have referred has successfully reached out to us. Please note, the $30 gift card will be valid for a limited time and will be applied after the final pricing quote has been provided.”

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Get $30 Off Your Second Detail With Us!

Looking to get more than one car detailed? We’ve got you covered with our savings deal. Get $30 off your second detail with us! 

Schedule to have two cars detailed and receive a $30 gift card after your first detail. This card will be given to you if you book for two cars the same day or if you decide to have another car detailed in the future. The $30 gift card will be provided after your initial detail and can be used towards your second car’s future detailing session, whether it’s the same vehicle or a different one

*Terms and conditions apply.


How does the "$30 Off Your Second Car" offer work?

When you schedule detailing for two cars simultaneously or book a second car in the future after your initial detail, you qualify for a $30 gift card. This gift card can be redeemed towards your second car’s detailing session, regardless of whether it’s the same vehicle or a different one.

What's the deal with the "Refer a Friend" offer?

By referring a friend who books an appointment with us or contacts us, both you and your referred friend receive a $30 digital or physical gift card. This card can be used online at checkout or in-person for our services. The $30 discount is applied after the final pricing quote has been given for your service. These offers are designed to provide you with additional savings and flexibility when booking our detailing services. 

How do I redeem these offers?

To redeem these offers, simply contact us and Inform us about the offer you’d like to claim.

How often can I claim the referral offer?

The referral offer can be used as many times as you like, however after the first time you refer someone, you no longer get a gift card for each referral. Instead, the people you refer get a 30$ gift card if they reach ut to us and bring up that you referred them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

How often can I claim the 2 car offer?

This offer can only be used once, after that you receive regular pricing regardless of how many cars you would like detailed.