Why You Shouldn't Go To A Carwash

Ineffective Interior Cleaning

Dirty Carpet

Car washes’ interior cleaning services have many limitations that prevent them from delivering comprehensive and effective results when it comes to interior cleaning. While some car washes may offer basic vacuuming, their focus is often on speed and convenience rather than thorough cleaning and restoration.


Car washes typically have limited equipment and tools for interior cleaning. They rely primarily on standard vacuums, which can only remove loose surface debris and may struggle to reach deep into crevices or tight spaces where dirt and dust tend to accumulate.

Car washes also usually use generic cleaning products that are not specifically tailored to different interior surfaces. This one-size-fits-all approach can be ineffective in tackling specific stains or contaminants on materials like fabric, leather, or plastic. Without the proper cleaning agents and techniques, stains and odors can persist, diminishing the overall cleanliness of your car’s interior.


Car washes always lack specialized treatments for specific interior components. They rarely provide services such as extraction or steam cleaning, which are essential for removing deep-seated stains, spills, or odors from carpets, upholstery, and mats. These services require specialized equipment and expertise that detailers provide.


Paintwork Damage

Paint Scratches

Car washes typically rely on automated systems that prioritize speed and convenience. Their goal is to run through as many cars a day as they can. While these systems may offer a quick solution, they lack the necessary care and consideration for your vehicle’s paintwork. The brushes, rollers, or even high-pressure jets used in automated car washes can cause scratches, swirl marks, and damage to your vehicle’s paint. Over time these scratches and swirls become noticeable and if they aren’t treated they can lead to long term damage in your paints clear coat. The wash media used in these systems may not be suited for a gentle and delicate wash, and the aggressive movements of the brushes or the force of the water can potentially harm the paintwork. The clear coat on cars can be very delicate and sensitive which means that the smallest abrasive could cause noticeable scratching.


In contrast, professional detailers take a more delicate  approach to washing your vehicle. They understand the importance of using proper techniques and tools to minimize the risk of scratches and damage. They rely on hand washing techniques that involve the use of high-quality microfiber products designed to be gentle on the paint surface while effectively lifting dirt and contaminants.

The use of microfiber products allow detailers to carefully clean your vehicle without harsh scrubbing or abrasive materials. 

Ineffective Exterior Cleaning

Dirty Hood From Carwash

Car washes use low quality soaps and cleaning products that give your car a very basic cleaning that can easily be done on your own. They don’t get rid of the embedded contaminants in your car’s paint that require special techniques. After driving on the highway or through areas with a lot of bugs and dirt your car’s paint may accumulate bug residue and dirt spots that are difficult to remove. Most people have these embedded into their car’s paint from everyday driving. In order to remove them, it requires clay baring or paint decontamination which car washes don’t provide. 

Due to the limitations of car washes, no matter how many standard washes you get, these contaminants get left behind. The longer they go untreated, the more likely they are to get edged deeper into your paint causing more damage.

Detailers perform clay barring and paint decontamination to eliminate contaminants from the paint surface, ensuring a smooth and prepared canvas. They also offer paint polishing to enhance the paint’s shine, depth, and overall appearance.  Moreover, detailers apply paint sealants or protective coatings to provide long-lasting protection against environmental factors, UV rays, and other damaging elements, preventing these issues from arising in the first place.

Water Spots
Prevent Water Spots

Car washes often contribute to the formation of water spots on your vehicle due to their ineffective drying methods. Water spots are mineral deposits left behind when water evaporates, leaving unsightly marks on the paint surface. These mineral deposits come from impurities in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. Over time, water spots can etch into the paint, causing permanent damage and reducing the overall appearance of your vehicle. Car washes that allow vehicles to air dry in the sun contribute to this problem as the sun’s heat accelerates the water evaporation process, leaving behind concentrated mineral deposits. 


By opting for professional detailing services, your vehicle can undergo proper drying techniques, such as using soft, absorbent microfiber towels and air blowers, minimizing the risk of water spot formation and preserving the beauty of your vehicle’s paintwork. They use deionized water which filters our elements such as magnesium that cause water spots.

Impersonal Car Cleaning

Dirty Car Wheel

Because car washes prioritize speed they don’t give your vehicle the dedicated cleaning it deserves whether that is interior or exterior. When booking an appointment with a quality detailer they will ask for specific information on any areas of the vehicle you are focused on restoring. For example if a client accidentally keyed their car door trying to unlock it and requested paint correction from a detailer, the detailer would know to focus on that specific area. At the car wash nobody speaks to you because they are so focused on getting to the next person. You are much more likely to get a specific issue resolved with a detailer compared to a car wash.


This specifically tailored detailing approach is a big part of what sets most detailers apart from the rest.Obviously some people are only looking for a quick wash and don’t care about a deeper cleaning, however getting your car detailed puts it in the best position to last for many years. Every vehicle is made different and should be treated as such. Car detailing makes sure your car gets the specific care it requires to stay in optimal condition.